Answering Your Questions About Renting a Dumpster in Columbus

Yes! We understand your home projects won't start until the weekend and that's when you require your dumpster. We are happy to provide you our dumpster rental services on Saturday.
We're happy to provide you with four sizes of dumpsters. The sizes include 4, 10, 15, and 20 yards. Our dumpsters are residential-friendly and will fit perfectly on your driveway; think of the footprint of a minivan.

Each of the available dumpster sizes has their niche. For landscaping or small roofing projects, our 4 yard dumpster is ideal. Doing a bathroom remodel? The 10 yard dumpster will complement that project. For larger projects like home declutters or larger remodels, you'll want to inquire about the 15 or 20 yard dumpsters. Doing a home clear out? How many kids do you have? More than one child? Get the 20 yarder!
It’s difficult to provide an accurate cost of your dumpster rental without knowing the scope of your project, however, our dumpster prices will help you determine which one is the best fit for you.
We strive on providing you one of our lean, clean and lime-green dumpsters as soon as possible. This often means same day delivery.
Each of our dumpster sizes includes a maximum weight as part of the all-included price. Check out the dumpster weight limits along with our pricing.
If you are paying by credit card, you are not required to be present when the dumpster is delivered or picked up. That said, when we have you on the phone, we will need to record some information pertinent to your dumpster rental delivery, i.e. where on the driveway do you want the dumpster placed
Are dumpster rental periods are for 7 days. If you don't need 7 days, give us a call and we'll gladly pick up the dumpster at your convenience.
Every project is unique but we are confident that we can estimate the right size of dumpster for your project. Contact us today and we will get you started on the delivery.
We do not price by days used but rather aggressively price our services to provide you the most convenient dumpster rental for an affordable price.
Our 10 yard dumpster is ideal for majority of residential roofing projects. Before ordering, it's beneficial to know the square footage of the project and the bundles needed. It's best to consult with your roofing contractor. But for more information, please check out roofing resources here and here.
We do service outside of Columbus but we attach a fuel surcharge of $1.50/mile to the price. It's best to consult with our team by calling us at 614-866-3643 to discover the best solution for you."
With each dumpster we deliver throughout Columbus, we always place down boards to make sure we protect our customers' properties. This is one reason why Bin There Dump That is your residential-friendly dumpster service

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